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Project Description

A consortium of leading land grant universities – University of California Davis, Purdue University, University of Maryland and Washington State University – have brought together essential components to demonstrate demand-driven extension services in Afghanistan that have a positive economic impact to farmers.

The Consortium is working with the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock/Directorates of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL/DAIL) to deliver district level extension programs that impact its culture, economy and institutions, and their ability to gain confidence in building a better tomorrow. The goals of the project include building demand driven extension programs, training to develop technical and management skills in the provinces, working with market places to determine needed production of wheat, increasing livestock production for household health, and building effective communication models for project stakeholders to exchange information. One of the biggest highlights is an annual consortium project workshop that rotates through the provinces to help network together farmers and allows them the abilities to centralize their efforts.  This then allows for the successful and effective projects to be scaled up throughout all of Afghanistan, while being sensitive to the local, cultural, and resource needs of each region.  WSU has had a physical presence working with the government of Afghanistan for the last 10 years with International Research and Development having 12 years working experience. The university and extension have assisted in the planning, organization, strengthening and development of public and private sector institutions in Afghanistan.


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US Dept. of Agriculture

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Chris Pannkuk

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