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Impact Assessment

WSU International Research and Agricultural Development is dedicated to accurately assessing the impact of our development and outreach programs. In our methodology:

  • DSC00808We value monitoring and evaluation plans that provide a framework for managing projects in an ongoing way in order to ensure best results. While impact data is critical for telling the story at the close of the project, we also see M&E as a management tool that allows appropriate decisions to be made related to programming, fiscal allocations and resource management. We support evidence driven decision-making in our programs and processes.
  • We value data collection methods and project management guidelines that take the needs of our project participants, clients and partners into account. Engaging key stakeholders in the M&E process ensures that programming remains focused on local needs, and harnesses the enthusiasm and energy of those stakeholders in the monitoring process. When partners are involved in M&E design, indicator data are meaningful to them and reassures partners that programming is either on the right track, or that corrective action is needed.
  • We value M&E techniques that ensure all program participants receive the full benefit of interventions that are known to be effective. We advocate creative research designs that establish control groups without denying valuable services to populations that we could otherwise reach with our programming.

Curious about the specifics of our approach to impact assessments? View our M&E Guidebook here.


WSU IRAD impact assessments for archived projects (this list is updated as necessary):

Sustainable Rural Enterprises and Livelihoods (Surelives)

Sustainable Agriculture Program for Kazakhstan – Case Studies

Republic of Congo/Rwanda School Garden Programs Evaluation

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